About Jeremy Schmahmann, MD

Internationally recognized expert on the cerebellum and the anatomy of the brain

The pioneer of the cerebellum and cognition


Housed in the largest hospital-based research program in the U.S., Dr. Schmahmann’s internationally recognized work has the potential to connect the cerebellum to cures for so many diseases – from ataxias to autism, schizophrenia and depression.

[Dr. Schmahmann’s full biography and list of published works]


“Advances in medicine are made by creative thinkers and Dr. Schmahmann, Professor of Neurology at Harvard, is one of the world’s most creative thinkers….His book with Dr. Pandya, Fiber Pathways of the Brain (Oxford University Press), is probably one of the most important anatomic treatises in the last three decades.”

Kenneth M. Heilman MD, FAAN
James E. Rooks Jr. Distinguished Professor
Director, Center for Neuropsychological Studies & Memory Disorders Clinics
The University of Florida

Current Positions:

  • Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
  • Neurologist, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
  • Director, Ataxia Unit, MGH
  • Director, The Laboratory for Neuroanatomy and Cerebellar Neurobiology , MGH

“Dr. Schmahmann has an international reputation for his important contributions on the cognitive functions of the cerebellum and for his elegant neuroanatomical work on the fiber tracts of the brain.  He has a national reputation as a superb clinical neurologist and a regional reputation as a magnificent, rigorous and clear teacher for students and residents.”
– Martin A. Samuels, MD

Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Neurologist in Chief and Chairman, Department of Neurology, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA


Honors and Awards:

  • Winner, the coveted Norman Geschwind prize in Behavioral Neurology from the American Academy of Neurology and the Behavioral Neurology Society for pioneering the field of cerebellum and cognition (2002)
  • Winner, prize for Best Publication in Medical Science from the American Association of Publishers for Fiber Pathways of the Brain (2006)
  • Selected, The Best Doctors in America, every year since 1998
  • Appointed, Scientific Advisory Board, National Ataxia Foundation (2005 – )
  • Awarded, Distinguished Neurology Teacher Award, American Neurological Association (2008)
  • Chosen, Scholar of The Academy at Harvard Medical School (2000 – )
  • Five-times Nominated, Faculty Prize for Excellence in Teaching at Harvard Medical School
  • Elected Fellow, American Academy of Neurology (2005 – )
  • Elected Fellow, American Neuropsychiatric Association (2008 – )
  • Selected, Norman Geschwind Visiting Professor, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Harvard Medical School (2009)
  • Visiting professorships at Mayo Clinic, University of New Mexico, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, St. Jude’s Research Hospital, University of Tennessee, and Oxford University

“The Massachusetts General Hospital Ataxia Unit and Dr. Schmahmann’s laboratory for Neuroanatomy and Cerebellar Neurobiology are well established and highly regarded locally and internationally.  The clinical work in the Ataxia Unit and the research findings of the Schmahmann laboratory have already contributed substantially to improving patient care and to the understanding of cerebellar and other neurological disorders.”
– Anne B. Young, MD, PhD
Julianne Dorn Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School
Former Chief, Neurology Service, Massachusetts General Hospital
Founder and Director, the MIND Institute

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