Christopher Stephen, MD

Dr Christopher Stephen received his medical degree from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland) School of Medicine, interned in medicine, surgery and neurology at the University of Edinburgh and Nottingham University Hospitals, before training in internal medicine and neurology at the Beth-Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. After completing a fellowship in movement disorders and the neurology of musicians, he joined the Ataxia Unit as a Fellow in 2014, and the faculty of the MGH and the Ataxia Unit in 2016.

Dr. Stephen is a superb addition to the Ataxia Unit and the Schmahmann Lab. His clinical interests are perfectly suited to the overlap of ataxias, dystonia, and cognitive neurology. He is actively engaged in the Biohaven clinical trial, in studying the neurology of Late Onset Tay Sachs disease, and in the motor control aspects of the rare genetic disorder of -linked Dystonia-Parkinsons disease.

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