Falmouth Road Race 2016

Dear friends of the Schmahmann Lab and MGH Ataxia Unit,

The Falmouth Road Race is almost here again – Sunday, August 21st!

I will be joining other members of the Lab and Ataxia Unit and the rest of the MINDlink team of 20 runners to raise funds to improve the care of patients with cerebellar disorders in the Massachusetts General Hospital Ataxia Unit, and to continue the research program in the Schmahmann Lab for Neuroanatomy and Cerebellar Neurobiology.

With the support of MINDlink and Mass General friends over the years, we have made great strides in understanding cerebellar disorders, providing more effective treatments and paving the way to finding cures.

In all likelihood you know someone dealing with a problem related to the cerebellum. Genetic ataxias, stroke and tumor all affect the cerebellum causing balance and coordination problems. Conditions like multiple system atrophy resemble Parkinson’s disease. Attention deficit disorder, autism and Asperger’s, schizophrenia, even Alzheimer’s disease – all have a link to the cerebellum. We are opening new avenues of treatment for a wide range of disorders that affect neurological function as well as social emotional behaviors.Patients and families are benefitting from this new understanding, and we have a team committed to continuing this work.

But we need your help to keep doing so. 

This is our 6th year running the Falmouth Road Race to raise funds for the lab, and we’re hoping to make it a fundraising record!

Please join us in this effort.

Whatever you can donate will help – it all adds up!

Please visit our fundraising page at http://because.massgeneral.org/jeremyandjinny which will take you to a secure donation page that allows you to donate.

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please “like and share” to help us raise awareness and funding!

We are most grateful for any support you are able to give.

With our warmest thanks and appreciation,

Jeremy Schmahmann



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