Jason MacMore

Jason MacMore received his BS from Boston University, and came to the Schmahmann lab as a research assistant in 2004. He has worked in every aspect of the lab program over the years, from training monkeys in the lab’s collaboration with the Boston University Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, to charting sections of anatomical specimens in the study of corticopontine projections, and more recently in the recruitment and testing of research and clinical subjects for the range of studies on cognition and emotion in cerebellar disorders. He contributed a herculean effort in essentially hand-crafting voxel based morphometry using Photoshop in our study of the topography of the human pons derived from stroke patients  (2004) and has been instrumental in facilitating the development of the Brief Ataxia Rating Scale version 1 (2009) and the version  2 that is in preparation – together with video analysis of the range of ataxia severity of gait, arms, legs, speech and eye movements that will shortly be available on YouTube for use by investigators around the world. Jason has become the go-to guy in the lab maintaining the 17 active IRB protocols (Institutional Review Board – of the Human Studies Committee of the MGJ). This is a critically important aspect of the lab’s clinical, research, and translation studies. Jason was promoted to the position of Lab Manager in 2015.

His efforts rose to the level of authorship on a number of publications, found here.



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